Friday, April 2, 2010

He paid a debt that He did not owe, because we owed a debt we could not pay

It is SO illogical for someone to pay a debt they did not owe specially for people that would notappreciate the fact that He paid it. Today is GOOD Friday. We celebrate the day that our savior, Jesus Christ, died on the cross. Sunday will be Easter Sunday, the day that we celebrate His resurrection. I don't know about you but after tonight's experience i want to celebrate His resurrection TODAY, TOMORROW, AND EVERYDAY!

Im going to take this opportunity to talk about tonight. As you may have read in yesterday post, i was invited to preach at a church in VA for a youth service. Now this whole week i have been undergoing man things. I have been trying hard to consecrate myself and i have seen God's hand in all of this. Tonight i went with the purpose to give God at least half of what he gave me. I wanted to share the "Good News". God is READY to take us to the next level, and tonight Adriel, Andre, and myself saw that! I give the Glory to God for what he did tonight because i had not seen a moving of the holy spirit like that in a WHILE!

With that said i want to get back to the quote. Jesus saw us! We had a debt. God said that the wages of sin are death, and unfortunately we all have sinned. We are all sinners. In the words of Pastor Dale "some people believe we are and some people believe we aren't, BUT the bible entertains no such thing. It is very direct when it says we have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God"

It was our debt. You see, sin is like a very expensive dinner meal. You walk in to a fancy restaurant, and already have a reserved seat. You are so amazed at the menu that you get one of everything. You get Parmesan chicken, lobster, pasta, and many more things. When your done your completely full, yet the waiter says "would you like some desert", and even though you know it would be ridiculous to get dessert after eating all that you ate, you say "sure". You get the double fudge cake, a cheesecake with bread crumbs, the lava-explosion-volcano-strawberry-chocolate thingy, and even some ice cream. You somehow manage to eat it all and then you say "WELL its time to go". As you are walking out the door you feel a tap on your left shoulder, when you turn around you find the waiter there. "I hope you had a wonderful meal", "Yes" you say, "But you still haven't paid". So you say "well, that's not a problem" and as you take out your wallet you hand him a couple of singles and a $5 dollar bill and then say "keep the change". You continue walking out the door and as you are about to open the car door you get another tap on your left shoulder. The waiter says "Sir the bill came out to $347.89 and you gave me $12"

EVENTUALLY you will come across a time when you are involved in sin and SIN will bring a debt that you wont be able to pay for. Jesus didn't have to pay this debt. He was sin-free. He payed the tab when He went to a restaurant, and tipped well too. But YOU couldn't pay for the tab. You needed someone to pitch in. You needed someone to take that debt and pay it. Jesus paid it. But it wasn't a simple debt. The cause of your debt was death. The death that should have fallen upon you, fell upon Him.

You all know this! so whats the point? The point is that Jesus was our replacement, he redeemed us. Because of His sacrifice we can now get closer to God. THAT is enough to be thankful for. Christ LIVES yesterday, today, and forever and as we pass this week let us remember that HE paid a debt that he didn't owe, because we owed a debt we couldn't pay.

If you dont understand what he did, watch this.

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